Specialising in industrial interconnect products, HARTING has been operating since 1945, and are well known for their Han Connector range. High-performance and high quality are the cornerstone of HARTING’s product offering, stretching across numerous industry segments and encompassing a wide range of technologies including; connectors, device connection technology and network components as well as backplanes, enclosures and cable assemblies, HARTING is well positioned to provide you with a solution. HARTING offers a wide range of communication solutions for Industry 4.0, including RFID and the MICA modular industry computer. These market-leading products enable solutions for data, signal and power connection across an array of markets, such as automation technology, energy, transport technology, radio, stage and event management technology, machine construction, medical technology and infrastructure.

The company now employs over 4000 people in 42 sales companies, with 12 production sites in Germany, Netherlands, France, Switzerland, UK, Romania, Russia, USA, China and India.

RS offers a wide choice of HARTING products including connectors, cables, panel meters, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), HMI and data acquisition products as well as accessories. As their number one Global distributor, RS also works closely with the company to provide technical solutions such as 3D model downloads across a wide range of the HARTING product portfolio.

Cut Installation Time By Up To 50%

The Han® ES Press Connector Series provides tool-less rapid termination technology for quick assembly, fully compatible with Han E®, Han ES® and Han ESS® Series.

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Ha-Vis preLink® Ethernet Cabling System

  • Swappable mating profiles for versatile and sustainable Ethernet cabling
  • Ha-VIS preLink® assembly tool ensures a reliable installation process
  • Easy, quick installation in cramped spaces
  • Pre-assembled cable segments can be swapped out quickly during maintenance and upgrades

har-flex® PCB Connector Series

  • Flexible board-to-board connector system with 1.27mm pitch
  • SMT and THR (Through Hole Reflow) terminaion options
  • Broad choice of contact configurations between 6 and 100 poles
  • Special SMT board fixing ensures a robust and secure connection

M12 B-Coded & L-Coded Connectors

  • Robust and reliable connection in an established and well-proven system
  • Deliver more power for your industrial ethernet application
  • L-coded connectors for power hungry systems -perfect for Industry 4.0 applications
  • B-coded connectors for fieldbus systems e.g. DeviceNet, Profibus, etc.

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