GreenTech EC Energy Efficient Fans

ebm-papst's EC axial and centrifugal fan range offers higher performance with up to 50% less energy consumption compared to standard AC solutions

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S-Panther Reduced Noise Compact Fans

  • High-performance DC fans offering reduced operating noise thanks to a new aero-acoustic design
  • Reduced power consumption
  • PWM control and tachometer output model options
  • IP68 environmentally protected version also available.

Plug ‘n’ Play Compact DC Fan Assemblies

  • Compact DC fan assemblies supplied, complete with inserts and connector
  • Threaded brass inserts for easy mounting
  • Ideal for PC cooling and various other applications
  • Protection IP20.

AC Compact Fan Kits

  • Complete kit solution to your cooling or ventilation requirements
  • Range of AC fans are available, all supplied with a power lead as standard
  • Each kit includes either a metal finger guard or an air filter option.

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