Telescopic Pointers

Telescopic pointers are extendable, mechanical pointing rods. They're ideal for use in business presentations and classrooms, for example, to indicate places on maps or draw attention to specific details on large screens, blackboards, whiteboards, posters or any kind of graphic presentation.

Telescopic pointers are an alternative to laser pointers, with the advantage that they don't need batteries. Because they're telescopic (extendable and retractable), they can be extended to the desired length during use and retracted to a compact size for portability.

What are telescopic pointers used for?

Telescopic pointers are frequently used in business or educational settings such as presentations, briefings, classrooms or training courses. They're especially practical for complex data on large screens, or if the speaker wants to avoid standing in front of the display while drawing attention to details.

Types of telescopic pointers

Telescopic pointers are available in varying lengths and products specify a short retracted length and maximum extended length. The telescoping part is usually stainless steel. Some products have a plastic handle and some include a felt or foam tip for safe use with electronic white boards or delicate screens.

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