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Coping Saws

Designed for cutting intricate shapes in wood, Coping Saws have a narrow blade stretched across the saws large D-shaped frame.

With a 360° adjustable blade, coping saws are often used for cutting detailed joints in mouldings and other small wood projects. The large throat depth allows for deep cuts and the shallow blade height enables tight curves while cutting.
The easy to remove blade provides added functionality giving the user the ability to cut shapes from a piece of wood without requiring an access cut.
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Stanley Coping Saw Spare Blades
  • ГРН 119,70
  • за единицу
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  • RS номер 494-060
  • Производитель Stanley
  • Mfr. Part No. 0-15-061
Stanley 108
Spear & Jackson 70-CP1RRS Ручной лобзик
  • ГРН 779,00
  • за единицу
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Spear & Jackson 41
Stanley 0-15-106 Ручной лобзик
  • ГРН 668,80
  • за единицу
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  • RS номер 494-064
  • Производитель Stanley
  • Mfr. Part No. 0-15-106
Stanley 18
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