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Drill Grinding Attachments

Drill grinding attachments are used to extend the life of your drill bitsby sharpening them. You simply place the drill bit inside the drill grinding attachment and position it next to your bench grinder- a bench-top grinding machine used to sharpen tools such as chisels and blades, or to shape metals.

In-depth: How to use a drill grinding attachment?

The drill grinding attachment is bolted or screwed onto your bench adjacent to the side face of the grinding wheel on your bench grinder. It provides a fast, safe and convenient way of re-sharpening your drill bit to its original profile.

Why do drill bits need to be sharp?

Drill bits are essential in many woodworking and engineering workplaces. Like most cutting tools, they can dull over time. A dull drill bit can cost you time and money and can be unsafe. Here are reasons why you should use a drill grinding attachment to sharpen your drill bit:

  • dull drill bits can damage your project
  • dull drill bits can break potentially causing you injury
  • dull drill bits require more time and force to bore through material
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