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Lathe Chuck Guards

A lathe is a rotating machine or industrial component that includes a chuck or clamp to hold a workpiece or tool in place. The lathe chucks guard mounts onto the housing of the rotating component. Lathe chuck guards have transparent windows made of toughened glass or polycarbonate materials to protect the operator while keeping the moving lathe visible. A microswitch will stop the machine from operating when the guard is in the open position.

What are lathe chuck guards used for?
Lathe chuck guards prevent the operator’s hand or clothing from getting caught in the lathe while it is turning. The primary function of a lathe chuck guard is to protect the operator when using the machinery.

Lathe chuck guards are necessary for all types of rotating machinery and are common in factories, plants and engineering workshops and toolrooms

Types of lathe chuck guards
Universal chuck guards are easily mountable and prevent standard "chip and bits" accidents. Heavy duty machinery would require chuck guards with steel plates for extra protection. Chuck guards can also have cross sliding mechanisms which offer point-to-point operator protection wherever the tool is cutting.
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Size 1 machine grinder guard,159x133mm
  • ГРН 1 398,40
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Size 1 Grinder Machine 27 159 x 133mm 159mm 133mm
Size 2 machine grinder guard,215x150mm
  • ГРН 2 337,00
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Size 2 Grinder Machine 9 215 x 150mm 215mm 150mm
Size 3 machine grinder guard,324x305mm
  • ГРН 4 902,00
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Size 3 Grinder Machine 0 324 x 305mm 324mm 305mm
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