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Magnetisers operate with the ability to magnetise and demagnetise metal tools and items, such as blades, nails and screwdrivers. Electronic equipment such as printed circuit boards (PCB) and sensitive computer parts are at risk of being damaged by items which may have a magnetic field. These devices work by having the option to magnetise or demagnetise to suit the application. The compact and very simple design ensures it can be easily carried or stored in a standard engineers toolbox.
• Computer building and repairs
• PCB assembly
• Sensitive electronic equipment
• Divided into magnetise and demagnetise sections
• Small and compact
• Easy to use
• Takes away risk magnetisation damage to sensitive equipment
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Информация о товаре Brand Stock Type For Use With
RS PRO Намагничивающее и размагничивающее устройство RS Pro 337 Magnetiser/Demagnetiser Small Hand Tools
Wera 05073403001 Намагничивающее и размагничивающее устройство
  • RS номер 144-8408
  • Производитель Wera
  • Mfr. Part No. 073403
Wera 40 Demagnetizer, Magnetizer Wera Screwdrivers
  • RS номер 269-4433
  • Производитель CK
  • Mfr. Part No. T1350
CK 36 Magnetiser / Demagnetiser Spanners; Screwdrivers
  • RS номер 162-8299
  • Производитель Facom
  • Mfr. Part No. 837
Facom 2 Magnetiser/Demagnetiser Screwdrivers
Wiha Tools 01508 Намагничивающее и размагничивающее устройство Wiha Tools 0 Magnetiser/Demagnetiser Screwdrivers; Hexagon Keys; Small Hand Tools
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