Clock Dividers

Clock dividers are a type of frequency divider, which mean they generate a low-frequency output from a high-frequency input. Clock dividers are used as frequency synthesisers as part of applications such as electronic countermeasures equipment, communications systems and laboratory instruments.

Types of clock dividers
There are two main types of clock dividers: analog and digital.

  1. Analog: Analog clock dividers are less common and are typically used at very high frequencies. They operate by injecting a low-intensity, high-frequency signal into an oscillator. This in turn causes the oscillator to oscillate in step with the input signal, and its output is fed through a low-pass filter to provide the lower-frequency signal required.

  2. Digital: Digital clock dividers as implemented in modern integrated circuits can function up to the tens of GHz range. Using a type of register known as a shift network, digital clock dividers take the last register's output and return it to the input register. The output signal is then derived from one or more of the register outputs.
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