Audio Switches

What is an Audio switch?An audio switch is a semiconductor accessory part used in the switch configuration for 3-pole to 4-pole accessories typical found in things like mobile phones/mp3 devices.How do they work?They work by helping creating a link between universal audio devices that may not typically be used together. For example being able to connect your mobile phone to a different brand of headphones that normally may not be compatible (its worth checking first what is compatible as not all devices can connect to an audio switch).Audio switches also have a great feature called Moisture detection. Many devices now are portable and therefore face the issue of moisture being introduced to the device. This can then trick the device into thinking it has an accessory attached. This moisture detection feature helps the device recognise false and improper attachments via moisture.Features and benefits: Accessory plug-in detection available Moisture detection Operating temperatures range from -40°C to 85°C Send/End key pressed detection MIC Switch typeWhere might I use one? Mobile phone handsets MP3 players Portable peripheral devices 3.5 to 2.5mm audio jacks
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TS3A227ERVAR Texas Instruments, Audio Switch 1-Input 2-Output 16-Pin VQFN
TS3A227ERVAR Texas Instruments Аудиопереключатель
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